LTC3723 - Synchronous Push-Pull PWM Controllers

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LTC3723 - Synchronous Push-Pull PWM Controllers RSS Sample
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The LTC3723-1/LTC3723-2 synchronous push-pull PWM controllers provide all of the control and protection functions necessary for compact and highly efficient, isolated power converters. High integration minimizes external component count, while preserving design flexibility.

The robust push-pull output stages switch at half the oscillator frequency. Dead-time is independently programmed with an external resistor. Synchronous rectifier timing is adjustable to optimize efficiency. A UVLO program input provides precise system turn-on and turn off voltages. The LTC3723-1 features peak current mode control with programmable slope compensation and leading edge blanking, while the LTC3723-2 employs voltage mode control with voltage feedforward capability.

The LTC3723-1/LTC3723-2 feature extremely low operating and start-up currents. Both devices provide reliable short-circuit and over temperature protection. The LTC3723-1/LTC3723-2 are offered in a 16-pin SSOP package.

* Telecommunications, Infrastructure Power Systems

* Distributed Power Architectures

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