LT3741/LT3741-1 - High Power, Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Step-Down Controller

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LT3741/LT3741-1 - High Power, Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Step-Down Controller RSS Sample
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The LT®3741 and LT3741-1 are fixed frequency synchronous step-down DC/DC controllers designed to accurately regulate the output current at up to 20A. The average currentmode controller will maintain inductor current regulation over a wide output voltage range of 0V to (VIN – 2V). The regulated current is set by an analog voltage on the CTRL pins and an external sense resistor. Due to its unique topology, the LT3741 is capable of sourcing and sinking current. If sinking current is not required, or for parallel applications, use the LT3741-1. The regulated voltage and overvoltage protection are set with a voltage divider from the output to the FB pin. Soft-Start is provided to allow a gradual increase in the regulated current during startup. The switching frequency is programmable from 200kHz to 1MHz through an external resistor on the RT pin or through the use of the SYNC pin and an external clock signal.

Additional Features include an accurate external reference voltage for use with the CTRL pins, an accurate UVLO/EN pin that allows for programmable UVLO hysteresis, and thermal shutdown.

* Control Pin Provides Accurate Control of Regulated Output Current

* ±1.5% Voltage Regulation Accuracy

* ±6% Current Regulation Accuracy

* 6V to 36V Input Voltage Range

* Wide Output Voltage Range Up to (VIN – 2V)

* Average Current Mode Control

* <1μA Shutdown Current

* Up to 94% Efficiency

* Additional Pin for Thermal Control of Load Current

* Thermally Enhanced 4mm × 4mm QFN and 20-Pin FE Package

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