MAX16915 Ideal Diode, Reverse-Battery, OVP Switch/Limiter Controllers for External MOSFET


MAX16915 Ideal Diode, Reverse-Battery, OVP Switch/Limiter Controllers for External MOSFET RSS Sample
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Create a design and simulate using EE-Sim® tools: The MAX16914/MAX16915 low-quiescent-current overvoltage and reverse-battery protection controllers are designed for automotive and industrial systems that must tolerate high-voltage transient and fault conditions. These conditions include load dumps, voltage dips, and reversed input voltages. The controllers monitor the input voltage on the supply line and control two external pFETs to isolate the load from the fault condition. The external pFETs are turned on when the input supply exceeds 4.5V and stay on up to the programmed overvoltage threshold. During high-voltage fault conditions, the controllers regulate the output voltage to the set upper threshold voltage (MAX16915), or switch to high resistance (MAX16914) for the duration of the overvoltage transient to prevent damage to the downstream circuitry. The overvoltage event is indicated through an active-low, open-drain output, active-low OV.

The reverse-battery pFET behaves as an ideal diode, minimizing the voltage drop when forward biased. Under reverse bias conditions, the pFET is turned off, preventing a downstream tank capacitor from being discharged into the source.

Shutdown control turns off the IC completely, disconnecting the input from the output and disconnecting TERM from its external resistor-divider to reduce the quiescent current to a minimum.

Both devices are available in a 10-pin µMAX® package, and operate over the automotive -40°C to +125°C temperature range.

* Architecture Replaces Protection Diodes Reducing the Forward Voltage, Allowing Operation During Cold-Crank Conditions * Transient Voltage Protection Up to +44V and -75V * Low-Voltage Drop when Used with Properly Sized External pFETs * 4.5V to 19V Input-Voltage Operation * Ideal Diode Reverse-Battery Protection Supports Down to -75V to Protect System During Negative-Voltage Transients * Back-Charge Prevention Avoids Discharging Downstream Tank Capacitance * Overvoltage Protection Enables System to Survive Up to a +44V Load Dump * Overvoltage Indicator * Thermal-Overload Protection * Low Operating Current Meets Stringent Module Specifications While Maintaining System Protection * 29µA Low Operating Current * 6µA Low Shutdown Current

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