MAX15054 High-Side MOSFET Driver for HB LED Drivers and DC-DC Applications


Create a design and simulate using EE-Sim® tools: The MAX15054 is a high-side, n-channel MOSFET driver for high-voltage applications capable of switching at high frequencies. This device is controlled by a CMOS logic-level signal referenced to ground and features a very short (12ns, typ) propagation delay from input to output. The high-voltage operation and high source/sink-current capability make the MAX15054 ideal for HB LED drivers and DC-DC converters.

The MAX15054 is well suited to complement other Maxim LED driver products such as the MAX16814, MAX16838, MAX16833, MAX16834, and MAX16826. The MAX15054 adds a high-side driver to those products that include only a low-side driver; it then allows for buck-boost configurations for multistring drivers similar to the MAX16814, MAX16838, and MAX16826, and for buck-boost conversion with output referenced to ground for single-string drivers such as the MAX16834 and MAX16833.

The MAX15054 is available in the industry-standard 6-pin SOT23 package and operates over the -40°C to +125°C automotive temperature range.

* Input Voltage on High-Side n-Channel MOSFET Up to 60V * Up to 13.5V Logic Input Independent of Supply Voltage * 2A Peak Source and Sink Current * 12ns Propagation Delay * Rise and Fall Times of 6ns while Driving 1000pF Capacitance * Low Input Capacitance * Low-Side and High-Side Undervoltage Protection * Allows Buck-Boost Topology Referred to Ground for LED Drivers and DC-DC Converters * Allows Buck-Boost Topology for Multistring LED Drivers * 6-Pin SOT23 Package

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