93C56B - 1K-16K Microwire Compatible Serial EEPROMs

93C56B - 1K-16K Microwire Compatible Serial EEPROMs Sample
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The Microchip Technology Inc. 93XX56A/B/C devices are 2Kbit low-voltage serial Electrically Erasable PROMs (EEPROM). Word-selectable devices such as the 93AA56C, 93LC56C or 93C56C are dependent upon external logic levels driving the ORG pin to set word size. For dedicated 8-bit communication, the 93XX56A devices are available, while the 93XX56B devices provide dedicated 16-bit communication. Advanced CMOS technology makes these devices ideal for low-power, nonvolatile memory applications. The entire 93XX Series is available in standard packages including 8-lead PDIP and SOIC, and advanced packaging including 8-lead MSOP, 6-lead SOT-23, 8-lead 2x3 DFN and 8-lead TSSOP. All packages are Pb-free (Matte Tin) finish.

* Low-Power CMOS Technology * ORG Pin to Select Word Size for ‘56C’ Version * 256 x 8-bit Organization ‘A’ Version (no ORG) * 128 x 16-bit Organization ‘B’ Version (no ORG) * Self-Timed Erase/Write Cycles (includingAuto-Erase) * Automatic Erase All (ERAL) before Write All(WRAL) * Power-On/Off Data Protection Circuitry * Industry Standard 3-Wire Serial I/O * Device Status Signal (Ready/Busy) * Sequential Read Function * 1,000,000 Erase/write Cycles * Data Retention > 200 Years

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