MAX6934 27-,28-, and 32-Output, 76V, Serial-Interfaced VFD Tube Drivers


MAX6934 27-,28-, and 32-Output, 76V, Serial-Interfaced VFD Tube Drivers RSS Sample
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Create a design and simulate using EE-Sim® tools: The MAX6922/MAX6932/MAX6933/MAX6934 multi-output, 76V, vacuum-fluorescent display (VFD) tube drivers that interface a VFD tube to a microcontroller or a VFD controller, such as the MAX6850–MAX6853. The MAX6922/MAX6934 have 32 outputs, while the MAX6932 has 27 outputs, and the MAX6933 has 28 outputs. All devices are also suitable for driving telecom relays.

Data is input using standard 4-wire serial interface (CLOCK, DATA, LOAD, BLANK) compatible with other VFD drivers and controllers.

For easy display control, the active-high BLANK input forces all driver outputs low, turning the display off, and automatically puts the IC into shutdown mode. Display intensity may also be controlled by directly pulse-width modulating the BLANK input.

The MAX6922/MAX6932/MAX6934 have a serial interface data output, DOUT, allowing any number of devices to be cascaded on the same serial interface.

The MAX6932/MAX6933/MAX6934 have a negative supply voltage input, VSS, allowing the drivers' output swing to be made bipolar to simplify filament biasing in many applications.

The MAX6922 is available in a 44-pin PLCC package, the MAX6932 and MAX6933 are available in 36-pin SSOP packages, and the MAX6934 is available in 44-pin PLCC and TQFN packages.

Maxim also offers a 12-output VFD driver (MAX6920) and 20-output VFD drivers (MAX6921/MAX6931).

* 5MHz Industry-Standard 4-Wire Serial Interface * 3V to 5.5V Logic Supply Range * 8V to 76V Grid/Anode Supply Range * -11V to 0V Filament Bias Supply (MAX6932/MAX6933/MAX6934 Only) * Push-Pull CMOS High-Voltage Outputs * Outputs Can Source 40mA, Sink 4mA Continuously * Outputs Can Source 75mA Repetitive Pulses * Outputs Can Be Paralleled for Higher Current Drive * Any Output Can Be Used as a Grid or an Anode Driver * BLANK Input Simplifies PWM Intensity Control * -40°C to +125°C Temperature Range as Standard

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