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10 Amp Positive Adjustable Voltage Regulator

* Obsolete: Data Sheet For Reference Only

* Guaranteed 0.8% Initial Tolerance

* Guaranteed 0.4% Load Regulation

* Guaranteed 10 Amp Output Current

* 100% Thermal Limit Burn-in

* 24 Amp Transient Output Current

* Standard Adjustable Pinout

* Operates to 35V

Obsolete: Data Sheet For Reference Only The LT1038 is a three terminal regulator which is capable of providing in excess of 10A output current over 1.2V to 32V range. The device is packaged in a standard T0-3 power package and is plug-in compatible with industry standard adjustable regulators, such as the LM117 and LM138. Also, the LT1038 is a functional replacement for the LM396. In addition to excellent load and line regulations, the LT1038 is fully protected by current limiting, safe area protection and thermal shutdown. New current limiting circuitry allows transient load currents up to 24A to be supplied for 500µs without causing the regulator to current limit and drop out of regulation during the transient. On-chip trimming of initial reference voltage to ±0.8% combined with 0.4% load regulation minimize errors in all high current applications. Further, the LT1038 is manufactured with standard bipolar processing and has ADI's high reliability. Applications

* System Power Supplies

* High Power Linear Regulator

* Battery Chargers

* Power Driver

* Constant Current Regulator

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