MAX6380 3-Pin, Ultra-Low-Power SC70/SOT23 Voltage Detectors


The MAX6375-MAX6380 are ultra-low-power circuits used for monitoring battery, power-supply, and regulated system voltages. Each detector contains a precision bandgap reference, comparator, and internally trimmed resistors that set specified trip threshold voltages. These devices provide excellent circuit reliability and low cost by eliminating external components and adjustments when monitoring nominal system voltages from 2.5V to 5V.

These circuits perform a single function: they assert an output signal whenever the VCC supply voltage falls below a preset threshold. The devices are differentiated by their output logic configurations and preset threshold voltages. The MAX6375/MAX6378 (push-pull) and MAX6377/MAX6380 (open-drain) have an active-low output (active-low OUT is logic low when VCC is below VTH). The MAX6376/MAX6379 have an active-high push-pull output (OUT is logic high when VCC is below VTH). All parts are guaranteed to be in the correct output logic state for VCC down to 1V. The detector is designed to ignore fast transients on VCC. The MAX6375/MAX6376/ MAX6377 have voltage thresholds between 2.20V and 3.08V in approximately 100mV increments. The MAX6378/MAX6379/MAX6380 have voltage thresholds between 3.30V and 4.63V in approximately 100mV increments.

Ultra-low supply current of 500nA (MAX6375/MAX6376/MAX6377) makes these parts ideal for use in portable equipment. All six devices are available in a space-saving SC70 package or in a tiny SOT23 package.

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