DG303A Dual SPDT, TTL-Compatible, CMOS Analog Switch


DG303A Dual SPDT, TTL-Compatible, CMOS Analog Switch RSS Sample
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Create a design and simulate using EE-Sim® tools: Maxim's DG300–DG303 and DG300A–DG303A CMOS dual and quad analog switches combine low power operation with fast switching times and superior DC and AC switch characteristics. On-resistance is less than 50Ω and is essentially constant over the analog signal range. Device specifications are ideal for battery-powered circuitry.

These switches are available in a variety of formats as outlined in the Pin Configurations section in the full data sheet. The switch control logic inputs are fully TTL and CMOS compatible. Also featured are "break-before-make" switching and low charge injection.

Maxim's DG300–DG303 and DG300A–DG303A families are electrically compatible and pin compatible with the original manufacturer's devices. All devices operate with power supplies ranging from ±5V to ±18V. Single-supply operation is implemented by connecting V- to GND.

* Monolithic Low-Power CMOS * Latchup Proof Construction * Fully Compatible 2nd Source * Low On-Resistance, Fast Switching Time * V+ to V- Analog Signal Range * Single-Supply Capability

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