DG309 Quad, SPST, Analog Switch (4 NC)


DG309 Quad, SPST, Analog Switch (4 NC) RSS Sample
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Create a design and simulate using EE-Sim® tools: The DG308A/DG309 are quad, single-pole-single-throw (SPST) analog switches. The DG308A is normally open (SPST, NO), while the DG309 is normally closed (SPST, NC). Both parts feature fast switching speeds and low on-resistance over the analog range. Other features include a turn-on time under 120ns, a turn-off time under 90ns, and a channel on-resistance of 60Ω. CMOS inputs provide reduced input loading and very low leakage currents.

Both parts feature a 44V maximum breakdown voltage rating that allows 30V peak-to-peak switch-off blocking capacity. The DG308A/DG309 can be used with split supplies (±5V to ±20V) or a single positive supply (+5V to +30V), while retaining CMOS-logic-compatible inputs.

* 60Ω RDS(ON) * Single/Bipolar-Supply Operation * CMOS Logic Compatible * Monolithic, Low-Power CMOS Design

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