DG419L Improved, SPDT, Precision, CMOS Analog Switch (NC)


DG419L Improved, SPDT, Precision, CMOS Analog Switch (NC) RSS Sample
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Create a design and simulate using EE-Sim® tools: The DG417L/DG418L/DG419L precision, CMOS analog switches feature low on-resistance (RON = 35Ω), guaranteed RON matching between switches (3Ω max), and guaranteed RON flatness over the signal range (4Ω max). These switches are +3V logic-compatible when powered from ±15V or ±12V supplies. The switches conduct equally well in either direction, and feature low charge injection and low power consumption. The DG417L/DG418L/DG419L also offer low off-leakage current over temperature (less than 5nA at +85°C).

The DG417L/DG418L are single-pole/single-throw (SPST) switches. The DG417L is normally closed, and the DG418L is normally open. The DG419L is single-pole/double-throw (SPDT) with one normally closed switch and one normally open switch. Switching times are less than 175ns for tON and less than 185ns for tOFF. These devices operate with a single +9V to +36V or bipolar ±4.5V to ±20V supplies.

The digital input has a +0.8V logic-low threshold and a +2.0V logic-high threshold, ensuring +3V TTL and CMOS-logic compatibility. The DG417L/DG418L/ DG419L are available in a tiny 8-pin µMAX®, 8-pin SO, or convenient 8-pin plastic DIP. All products are rated at the extended temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

* +3V Logic-Compatible Digital Inputs * VIH = 2.0V * VIL = 0.8V * Plug-In Upgrades for Industry-Standard DG417/DG418/DG419 and MAX317/MAX318/MAX319 * Power-Supply Sequencing-Free Operation * Low On-Resistance (35Ω max) * Guaranteed Matched On-Resistance Between Channels (3Ω max) * Guaranteed On-Resistance Flatness (4Ω max) * Single-Supply Operation +9V to +36V Dual-Supply Operation ±4.5V to ±20V * Guaranteed Off-Leakage Current Over Temperature ( Rail-to-Rail Analog Signal Handling Capability * Tiny 8-Pin µMax Package

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