DS1808 Dual Log Digital Potentiometer


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The DS1808 is a dual-channel, digitally controlled, log-taper potentiometer. Each potentiometer is comprised of 32 wiper terminal positions plus a mute position. The device has three accessible potentiometer terminals that include the high-side terminal (H), the low-side terminal (L), and the wiper terminal (W). The resolution of the DS1808 is shown in Figure 8 and represents 1dB per step for the first 12 taps, 2dB per step for the next 12 taps and 3dB per step for the bottom 8 taps, providing a total attenuation range of 60dB. The mute position of the DS1808 provides greater than 90dB of attenuation. The wiper position on the resistor ladder is selected via a 6-bit register, whose value is controlled by the industry-standard 2-wire interface. The interface consists of two control signals: SDA and SCL. The DS1808 is available in a standard 45kΩ resistor value. The DS1808 is specified to operate over the industrial temperature range (-40°C to +85°C) and is available in the 16-pin SOIC package. The DS1808 was designed for low-cost, stereo volume control applications. The device is specified to operate from ±12V ±10% supplies and accept a maximum input signal range of ±12V.

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