DS1086 Spread-Spectrum EconOscillator


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The DS1086 EconOscillator™ is a programmable clock generator that produces a spread-spectrum (dithered) square-wave output of frequencies from 260kHz to 133MHz. The selectable dithered output reduces radiated-emission peaks by dithering the frequency 2% or 4% below the programmed frequency. The DS1086 has a power-down mode and an output-enable control for power-sensitive applications. All the device settings are stored in nonvolatile (NV) EEPROM memory allowing it to operate in stand-alone applications.

* User-Programmable Square-Wave Generator * Frequencies Programmable from 260kHz to 133MHz * 2% or 4% Selectable Dithered Output * Glitchless Output-Enable Control * 2-Wire Serial Interface * Nonvolatile Settings * 5V Supply * No External Timing Components Required * Power-Down Mode * 10kHz Master Frequency Step Size * EMI Reduction

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