MAX9320A 1:2 Differential LVPECL/LVECL/HSTL Clock and Data Drivers


MAX9320A 1:2 Differential LVPECL/LVECL/HSTL Clock and Data Drivers RSS Sample
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The MAX9320/MAX9320A are low-skew, 1-to-2 differential drivers designed for clock and data distribution. The input is reproduced at two differential outputs. The differential input can be adapted to accept single-ended inputs by applying an external reference voltage.

The MAX9320/MAX9320A feature ultra-low propagation delay (208ps), part-to-part skew (20ps), and output-to-output skew (6ps) with 30mA maximum supply current, making these devices ideal for clock distribution. For interfacing to differential HSTL and LVPECL signals, these devices operate over a +2.25V to +3.8V supply range, allowing high-performance clock or data distribution in systems with a nominal +2.5V or +3.3V supply. For differential LVECL operation, these devices operate from a -2.25V to -3.8V supply.

The pinout is the only difference between the MAX9320 and MAX9320A. Multiple pinouts are provided to simplify routing across a backplane to either side of a double-sided board.

These devices are offered in space-saving 8-pin SOT23, µMAX®, and SO packages.

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