UDA1342TS: Audio CODEC


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Archived content is no longer updated and is made available for historical reference only.The UDA1342TS is a single-chip 4 channel analog-to-digital converter and 2 channel digital-to-analog converter with signal processing features employing bitstream conversion techniques. The low power consumption and low voltage requirements make the device eminently suitable for use in low-voltage low-power portable digital audio equipment which incorporates recording and playback functions.

The UDA1342TS supports the I²S-bus data format with word lengths of up to 24 bits, the MSB-justified data format with word lengths of up to 24 bits and the LSB-justified serial data format with word lengths of 16, 20 and 24 bits. The device also supports a combination of the MSB-justified output format and the LSB-justified input format.

The UDA1342TS has special sound processing features in the playback mode such as de-emphasis, volume, mute, bass boost and treble, which can be controlled by the microcontroller via the L3-bus or I²C-bus interface.

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