MC44C401L: MTS Stereo Encoder


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The MC44C401L Multi-Channel Television Sound (MTS) Stereo Encoder is a single-chip, CMOS implementation of a Broadcast Television Systems Committee (BTSC)-compatible stereo encoder. The MC44C401L MTS Stereo Encoder is designed for use in set-top boxes, VCRs, DVD players/recorders, game stations, and other applications that are required to output high-quality stereo sound through a single RF coaxial cable. The digital audio processing used in the MC44C401L preserves the full fidelity of surround sound and other audio coding schemes while ensuring overall system performance is not impacted by copy protection technologies. The MC44C401L is engineered to process right and left analog audio signals and baseband composite video to generate a stereophonic composite signal in accordance with BTSC system standards. The MC44C401L is designed to output this signal to a Motorola RF modulator, which in turn produces a stereo encoded RF channel for use with any BTSC stereo television receiver.

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