MAX16803 High-Voltage, 350mA, High-Brightness LED Driver with PWM Dimming


MAX16803 High-Voltage, 350mA, High-Brightness LED Driver with PWM Dimming RSS Sample
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The MAX16803 current regulator operates from a 6.5V to 40V input-voltage range and delivers up to a total of 350mA to one or more strings of high-brightness LEDs (HB LEDs). The output current of the MAX16803 is adjusted by using an external current-sense resistor in series with the LEDs. A dimming input allows widerange "pulsed" PWM operation. Wave-shaping circuitry reduces EMI. The differential current-sense input increases noise immunity. The MAX16803 is well suited for applications requiring high-voltage input and is able to withstand automotive load-dump events up to 40V. An on-board pass element minimizes external components while providing ±3.5% output-current accuracy. Additional features include a 5V regulated output and short-circuit and thermal protection.

The MAX16803 is available in a thermally enhanced, 5mm x 5mm, 16-pin TQFN package and is specified over the automotive -40°C to +125°C temperature range.

The MAX16836 is a newer and more cost effective product; except for different PWM dimming current slew rates, it provides the same performance and is pin-to-pin compatible with the MAX16803.

* +6.5V to +40V Operating Range * Adjustable LED Current (35mA to 350mA) * ±3.5% LED Current Accuracy * High-Voltage DIM Pin for Dimming Interface * Integrated Pass Element with Low-Dropout Voltage (0.5V typ) * +5V Regulated Output with 4mA Source Capability * Parallel Operation for LED Current > 350mA * Differential LED Current Sense * Low Shutdown Supply Current (12µA typ) * Low 204mV Current-Sense Reference Reduces Power Losses * Wave-Shaped Edges Reduce Radiated EMI During PWM Dimming * Thermal Shutdown * Output Short-Circuit Protection * Available in Small, Thermally Enhanced, 5mm x 5mm, 16-Pin TQFN Package * -40°C to +125°C Operating Temperature Range

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