MAX1614 High-Side, N-Channel MOSFET Switch Driver


MAX1614 High-Side, N-Channel MOSFET Switch Driver RSS Sample
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Create a design and simulate using EE-Sim® tools: The MAX1614 drives high-side, n-channel power MOSFETs to provide battery power-switching functions in portable equipment. The n-channel power MOSFETs typically have one-third the on-resistance of p-channel MOSFETs of similar size and cost. An internal micropower regulator and charge pump generate the high-side drive output voltage, while requiring no external components.

The MAX1614 also features a 1.5%-accurate low-battery comparator that can be used to indicate a low-battery condition, provide an early power-fail warning to the system microprocessor, or disconnect the battery from the load, preventing deep discharge and battery damage. An internal latch allows for pushbutton on/off control with very low current consumption. Off-mode current consumption is only 6µA while normal operation requires less than 25µA. The MAX1614 is available in the space-saving µMAX® package that occupies about 60% less space than a standard 8-pin SO.

* Integration Provides a Simple-to-Use Solution * Requires No External Components * Internal On/Off Latch Facilitates Pushbutton Control * 1.5% Accurate Low-Battery Detector Protects Battery and Data Stored in Memory * Controlled Turn-On for Low Inrush Current * Low Power Consumption Extends Battery Life * 25µA (max) Quiescent Current * 6µA (max) Shutdown Current * µMAX Package is 60% Smaller Than Typical 8-pin SO Solution * Supports Typical Requirements of Portable, Battery- Powered Designs * 5V to 26V Input Voltage Range * Drives Single or Back-to-Back MOSFETs

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