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Software development for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving (AD) applications has been increasing in scale and complexity in recent years, in order to accelerate the development of autonomous driving and to develop new functionality that attractively differentiate vehicles. In response to this trend, Renesas has developed R-Car Starter Kits for supporting automotive software development.

The R-Car V3H Starter Kit simplifies and accelerates the development of New Car Assessment Program (NCAP, Note 1), front camera applications, surround view systems, and light detection and ranging (lidar) applications. The starter kit is based on the R-Car V3H image recognition system-on-chip (SoC), delivering a combination of low power consumption and high performance for the growing NCAP front camera market.

The R-Car V3H Starter Kit, R-Car V3H SoC, and supporting software and tools including Renesas' open-source e2 studio integrated development environment (IDE), are part of the open, innovative and trusted Renesas platform that delivers end-to-end solutions for ADAS and AD. The starter kit is a ready-to-use kit that includes the required interface and tools for development. The integrated 440-pin expansion port gives full freedom for system manufacturers to develop application specific expansion boards for a wide range of computing applications, from a simple advanced computer vision development environment to prototyping of multi-camera systems for applications such as surround view. This flexibility of the board reduces the time needed for hardware development while maintaining a high degree of software portability and reusability.

The R-Car V3H Starter Kit is supported by a Linux board support package (BSP), which is available through elinux.org. Additional commercial operating systems are also available.

Note 1. New Car Assessment Program (NCAP): A government car safety program tasked with evaluating new automobile designs for performance against various safety threats.

R-Car V3H Starter Kit Wiki - The Wiki for the Renesas R-Car V3H Starter Kit board includes information on board layout, documentation, BSP images, firmware, installing the expansion board, and more.

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