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Radio weather station MONDO

* Outside temperature and humidity via transmitter * Displays the room temperature and humidity * Weather forecast with symbols * Radio clock with alarm and snooze function * Backlight

What does the weather do outside? With a view of the weather station MONDO you are immediately in the picture. Sun, clouds or raindrops – based on the changes in air pressure, the weather symbol gives a forecast for the coming weather and you know whether you are going to work today by bike or by car. The outside temperature and humidity are determined by a separate radio transmitter, which is installed in a protected outdoor space. Optionally, two additional transmitters can be connected to the weather station MONDO. You also have an eye on the room temperature and humidity and can control the living climate by means of targeted heating and ventilation.

The device also fulfills all the functions of a radio alarm. The time and date are updated by the DCF77 signal sent from the atomic clock. The alarm will wake you on time at the set time, but thanks to the adjustable-duration snooze function you can still get a few minutes of extra sleep. At the touch of a button, the display lights up. If you use the weather station with an AC adapter (not supplied), the backlight can be permanently activated and adjusted in two brightness levels.


* Wireless transmission of outdoor temperature and humidity via up to 3 transmitters (max.60 m) * Displays the internal temperature and humidity * Weather Forecast * Temperature Trend * Temperature Alarm * Radio clock with date and day of week * Alarm with two alarm times * Snooze function with adjustable duration * Two-level backlight (in continuous operation with AC adapter, not included)

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