BID3T-3DLM - Floor scales, digital, up to 1500/ 3000 kg

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BID3T-3DLM - Floor scales, digital, up to 1500/ 3000 kg RSS 2.61 2.61 EUR12.25 PLN
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Floor scales BID, with optional official verification certification and top value for money

* Weighing bridge: made of non-slip corrugated steel, 4 silicone-coated steel load cells, dust- and splash-proof IP67

* Easy levelling of the weighing bridge as well as access to the junction box from above

* Table foot incl. wall bracket for the evaluation unit as standard

* Summing up of weights and piece counts

* Thanks to interfaces such as RS-232 and Bluetooth, the scales can be easily integrated into existing networks and this facilitates data exchange between the scales and the PC or printer

* Query and remote control of the scales via external control devices or computers via the KERN Communication Protocol (KCP)

Weighing range: 1500/ 3000 kg

Readability: 0.5/ 1.0 kg

Minimum load: 10/ 20 kg

Weighing plate: 1500 x 1500 x 108 mm

Calibration: possible on request

Official verification: possible on request

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