METYLANMKS6 - Filler Metylan KS Adhesive Filler, cartridge, 525 g

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For gluing, filling and modelling decorative profiles made of polystyrene and polyurethane.


* High initial adhesion * Does not roll up * Low sanding effort due to good modelling properties * Low shrinkage * Good trowelability due to high dimensional stability * High final strength * High whiteness * Good recoatability * Long open time

Intended use:

* For gluing and filling wall and ceiling profiles * Rosettes * Pilasters * Pillars made of polystyrene and polyurethane * Suitable for gluing and filling HoBus corner rails

Processing instructions:

* Joints should have a joint width of 2-3 mm for permanent bonding

* Remove adhesive residue immediately with a damp sponge


Approx. 50 - 500 g/m decorative profile (The consumption of Metylan KS Klebe-Spachtel can only be stated very inaccurately due to the variety of application possibilities. We therefore recommend determining consumption by processing a sample piece).

Special notes:

* Surfaces must be dry, clean, load-bearing and absorbent. Remove water-soluble and non-bearing coatings * Cut off the cartridge above the thread * Put on nozzle and cut open at an angle * Apply a sufficient quantity of Metylan KS Adhesive Filler in strand form to all adhesive surfaces of the profile * Application temperature: Do not apply below 10°C

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