METYLANMRS6N - Filler Metylan RenoMur RenoSpachtel®, cartridge, 300 ml

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METYLANMRS6N - Filler Metylan RenoMur RenoSpachtel®, cartridge, 300 ml RSS 5.99 5.99 EUR27.08 PLN
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The first dispersion filler from the cartridge. For indoors and outdoors.


* Guarantees exact paint edges after masking and closing of connection joints subject to low expansion * Can be painted over immediately after skin formation without cracks * Fills cracks and holes * Also holds particularly well on plastic * Very easy to apply * Dries without cracking - even in larger layer thicknesses * Does not roll up

Intended use:

* Repairing chipped areas at corners and edges * Filling dowel holes inside and outside * Saves time working even in difficult places, such as overhead work * Good for filling in wallpaper edges and corner profiles

Processing instructions:

* The substrate must be sound, clean, dry, absorbent, load-bearing and grease-free * The trowel is applied with a pressure gun * Application temperature: Do not apply Metylan RenoMur RenoSpachtel® below +5°C (ambient and substrate temperature)

Special instructions:

If the cartridge is not completely used, close it with a clip nozzle.

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