TFA30505054 - Thermo-Hygrometer, digital

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Digital thermo-hygrometer FUN

* Smiley for comfort level * Maximum and minimum values with manual or auto-reset * Radio-controlled clock with date * Coloured display

If the yellow smiley on the brightly coloured FUN thermo hygrometer gives you a radiant smile, then the indoor climate in your rooms is ideal. Because with the digital measuring instrument from TFA Dostmann you always have an eye on room temperature and humidity and can keep the values within the comfort zone through targeted heating and ventilation. In this way you can create a pleasant and healthy living climate and even save heating costs. The daily maximum and minimum values can be called up at the touch of a button. The peak values can either be reset automatically after 24 hours or manually at a time of your choice. Time and date are updated via the DCF77 signal emitted by the atomic clock.

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