DNTROOMLOGGSENS - Additional thermo/hygro sensor for RoomLogg PRO

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DNTROOMLOGGSENS - Additional thermo/hygro sensor for RoomLogg PRO RSS 15.49 15.49 EUR70.26 PLN
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Keeps room temperature under control An additional outdoor sensor for wireless transmission of temperature and humidity data to your dnt RoomLogg PRO wireless room climate control station. Monitor the indoor climate of up to eight rooms and prevent mould and discomfort. Additional sensors can easily be set up via DIP switches on the back of the device.

* Displays the current outdoor temperature, humidity and channel number * Temperature measurement range: -40 to +60°C/Resolution: 0.1°C/Accuracy: ± 1°C * Humidity measurement range: 10 - 99%/resolution: 1%/accuracy: ±5% * Transmitter operating radius: up to approx. 100 m in open areas * Radio frequency: 868 MHz * Simple setup via DIP switches (channels 1 to 8) on the back of the device * Outdoor transmitter can be set down or hung up * Power supply: 2x AA batteries (not included) * Integrated DCF77 receiver * Plastic housing, white

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