MAX5051 - Parallelable, Clamped Two-Switch Power-Supply Controller IC

Analog Devices

Parallelable, Clamped Two-Switch Power-Supply Controller IC. The MAX5051 is a clamped, two-switch power-supply controller IC. This device can be used both in forward or flyback configurations with input voltage ranges from 11V to 76V. It provides comprehensive protection mech- anisms against possible faults, resulting in very high reliability power supplies. When used in conjunction with secondary-side synchronous rectification, power-supply efficiencies can easily reach 92% for a +3.3V output power supply operated from a 48V bus. The integrated high- and low-side gate drivers provide more than 2A of peak gate-drive current to two external N-channel MOSFETs. Low startup current reduces the power loss across the bootstrap resistor. A feed-forward voltage-mode topology provides excellent line rejection while avoiding the pitfalls of traditional current-mode control.

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