LT1058 - Dual and Quad, JFET Input Precision High Speed Op Amps

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LT1058 - Dual and Quad, JFET Input Precision High Speed Op Amps RSS Sample
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The LT®1057 is a matched JFET input dual op amp in the industry standard 8-pin configuration, featuring a combination of outstanding high speed and precision specifications. It replaces all the popular bipolar and JFET input dual opamps. In particular, the LT1057 upgrades the performance of systems using the LF412A and OP-215 JFET input duals.

The LT1058 is the lowest offset quad JFET input operational amplifier in the standard 14-pin configuration. It offers significant accuracy improvement over presently available JFET input quad operational amplifiers. The LT1058 can replace four single precision JFET input op amps, while saving board space, power dissipation and cost.

Both the LT1057 and LT1058 are available in the plastic PDIP package and the surface mount SO package.


* Precision, High Speed Instrumentation

* Fast, Precision Sample and Hold

* Logarithmic Amplifiers

* D/A Output Amplifiers

* Photodiode Amplifiers

* Voltage to Frequency Converters

* Frequency to Voltage Converters

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