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The LT1161 is a quad high-side gate driver allowing the use of low cost N-channel power MOSFETs for high-side switching applications. It has four independent switch channels, each containing a completely self-contained charge pump to fully enhance an N-channel MOSFET switch with no external components.

Also included in each switch channel is a drain sense comparator that is used to sense switch current. When preset current level is exceeded, the switch is turned off. The switch remains off for a period of time set by an external timing capacitor and then automatically attempts to restart. If the fault is still present, this cycle repeats until the fault is removed, thus protecting the MOSFET.

The LT1161 has been specifically designed for harsh operating environments such as industrial, avionics, and automotive applications where poor supply regulation and/or transients may be present. The device will not sustain damage from supply voltages of –15V to 60V.

* Industrial Control

* Avionics Systems

* Automotive Switches

* Stepper Motor and DC Motor Control

* Electronic Circuit Breaker

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