LT3469 - Piezo Microactuator Driver with Boost Regulator

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LT3469 - Piezo Microactuator Driver with Boost Regulator RSS Sample
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The LT3469 is a transconductance (gm) amplifier that can drive outputs up to 33V from a 5V or 12V supply. An internal switching regulator generates a boosted supply voltage for the gm amplifier. The amplifier can drive capacitive loads in the range of 5nF to 300nF. Slew rate is limited only by the maximum output current. The 35V output voltage capability of the switching regulator, along with the high supply voltage of the amplifier, combine to allow the wide output voltage range needed to drive a piezoceramic microactuator.

The LT3469 switching regulator switches at 1.3MHz, allowing the use of tiny external components. The output capacitor can be as small as 0.22µF, saving space and cost versus alternative solutions.

The LT3469 is available in a low profile ThinSOT package.

* Current Limit: ±40mA Typical * Input Common Mode Range: 0V to 10V * Output Voltage Range: 1V to (VCC – 1V) * Differential Gain Stage with High Impedance Output * (gm Stage) * Quiescent Current (from VCC): 2mA * Unloaded Gain: 30,000 Typical Switching Regulator * Generates VCC Up to 35V * Wide Operating Supply Range: 2.5V to 16V * High Switching Frequency: 1.3MHz * Internal Schottky Diode * Tiny External Components * Current Mode Switcher with Internal Compensation * Low Profile (1mm) SOT-23 Package

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