LTC1968 - Precision Wide Bandwidth, RMS-to-DC Converter

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LTC1968 - Precision Wide Bandwidth, RMS-to-DC Converter RSS Sample
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The LTC1968 is a true RMS-to-DC converter that uses an innovative delta-sigma computational technique. The benefits of the LTC1968 proprietary architecture, when compared to conventional log-antilog RMS-to-DC converters, are higher linearity and accuracy, bandwidth independent of amplitude and improved temperature behavior.

The LTC1968 operates with single-ended or differential input signals and accurately supports crest factors up to 4. Common mode input range is rail-to-rail. Differential input range is 1VPEAK, and offers unprecedented linearity. The LTC1968 allows hassle-free system calibration at any input voltage.

The LTC1968 has a rail-to-rail output with a separate output reference pin providing flexible level shifting; it operates on a single power supply from 4.5V to 5.5V. A low power shutdown mode reduces supply current to 0.1µA.

The LTC1968 is packaged in the space-saving MSOP package, which is ideal for portable applications.

* True RMS Digital Multimeters and Panel Meters

* True RMS AC + DC Measurements

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