LTC3455/LTC3455-1 - Dual DC/DC Converter with USB Power Manager and Li-Ion Battery Charger

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LTC3455/LTC3455-1 - Dual DC/DC Converter with USB Power Manager and Li-Ion Battery Charger RSS Sample
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Linear Technology
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The LTC3455/LTC3455-1 are complete power management solutions for a variety of portable applications. These devices contain two synchronous step-down DC/DC converters, a USB power controller, a full-featured Li-Ion battery charger, a Hot Swap output, a low-battery indicator, and numerous internal protection features. The LTC3455/LTC3455-1 provide a small, simple solution for obtaining power from three different power sources: a single-cell Li-Ion battery, a USB port, and a wall adapter. Current drawn from the USB bus is accurately limited under all conditions. Whenever a USB or a wall adapter is present, the battery charger is enabled and all internal power for the device is drawn from the appropriate external power source. All outputs are discharged to ground during shutdown to provide complete output disconnect. These devices are available in a 4mm × 4mm 24-pin exposed-pad QFN package.

* Seamless Transition between Input Power Sources: Li-Ion Battery, USB, and 5V Wall Adapter * Accurate USB Current Limiting (500mA/100mA) * Two High Efficiency DC/DC Converters: Up to 96% * Thermal Regulation Maximizes Battery Charge Rate without Risk of Overheating * Full-Featured Li-Ion Battery Charger with 4.2V Float Voltage for LTC3455 and 4.1V for LTC3455-1 * 4.1V Float Voltage (LTC3455-1) Improves Battery Life and High Temperature Safety Margin * Hot Swap Output for SDIO and Memory Cards * Pin-Selectable Burst Mode Operation * Output Disconnect: All Outputs Discharged to Ground During Shutdown * Available in a 4mm × 4mm × 0.75mm 24-Pin QFN Package

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