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The LTC3778 is a synchronous step-down switching regulator controller for computer memory, automobile and other DC/DC power supplies. The controller uses a valley current control architecture to deliver very low duty cycles without requiring a sense resistor. Operating frequency is selected by an external resistor and is compensated for variations in VIN and VOUT.

Discontinuous mode operation provides high efficiency operation at light loads. A forced continuous control pin reduces noise and RF interference, and can assist secondary winding regulation when the main output is lightly loaded. SENSE+ and SENSE– pins provide true Kelvin sensing across the optional sense resistor or the sychronous MOSFET.

Fault protection is provided by internal foldback current limiting, an output overvoltage comparator, optional short-circuit shutdown timer and input undervoltage lockout. Soft-start capability for supply sequencing is accomplished using an external timing capacitor. The regulator current limit level is user programmable. Wide supply range allows operation from 4V to 36V at the input and from 0.6V up to (0.9)VIN at the output.

* Notebook and Palmtop Computers, PDAs

* Battery Chargers

* Distributed Power Systems

* DDR Memory Power Supply

* Automobile DC Power Supply

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