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The LTC3783 is a current mode LED driver and boost, flyback and SEPIC controller that drives both an N-channel power MOSFET and an N-channel load PWM switch. When using an external load switch, the PWMIN input not only drives PWMOUT, but also enables controller GATE switching and error amplifier operation, allowing the controller to store load current information while PWMIN is low. This feature (patent pending) provides extremely fast, true PWM load switching with no transient overvoltage or undervoltage issues; LED dimming ratios of 3000:1 can be achieved digitally, avoiding the color shift normally associated with LED current dimming. The FBP pin allows analog dimming of load current, further increasing the effective dimming ratio by 100:1 over PWM alone.

In applications where output load current must be returned to VIN, optional constant current/constant voltage regulation controls either output (or input) current or output voltage and provides a limit for the other. ILIM provides a 10:1 analog dimming ratio.

For low- to medium-power applications, No RSENSE mode can utilize the power MOSFET’s on-resistance to eliminate the current-sense resistor, thereby maximizing efficiency.

The IC’s operating frequency can be set with an external resistor over a 20kHz to 1MHz range and can be synchronized to an external clock using the SYNC pin.

The LTC3783 is available in the 16-lead DFN and TSSOP packages.

* High Voltage LED Arrays

* Telecom Power Supplies

* 42V Automotive Systems

* 24V Industrial Controls

* IP Phone Power Supplies

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