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The LTC3801/LTC3801B are constant frequency current mode step-down DC/DC controllers in a low profile (1mm max) 6-lead SOT-23 (ThinSOT) package. The parts provide excellent AC and DC load and line regulation with ±1.5% output voltage accuracy. The LTC3801 consumes only 195µA of quiescent current in normal operation, dropping to 16µA under no-load conditions.

The LTC3801/LTC3801B incorporate an undervoltage lockout feature that shuts down the device when the input voltage falls below 2.2V. The LTC3801 automatically switches into Burst Mode operation at light loads which enhances efficiency at low output current. In the LTC3801B, Burst Mode operation is disabled for lower output ripple at light loads.

To further maximize the life of a battery source, the external P-channel MOSFET is turned on continuously in dropout (100% duty cycle). High switching frequency of 550kHz allows the use of a small inductor.

* 1- or 2-Cell Li-Ion Battery-Powered Applications

* Wireless Devices

* Portable Computers

* Distributed Power Systems

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