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The LTC3824 is a step-down DC/DC controller designed to drive an external P-channel MOSFET. With a wide input range of 4V to 60V and a high voltage gate driver, the LTC3824 is suitable for many industrial and automotive high power applications. Constant frequency current mode operation provides excellent performance.

The LTC3824 can be configured for Burst Mode operation. Burst Mode operation enhances low current efficiency (only 40µA quiescent current) and extends battery run time. The switching frequency can be programmed up to 600kHz and is easily synchronizable.

Other features include current limit, soft-start, micropower shutdown, and Burst Mode disable.

The LTC3824 is available in a 10-lead MSE power package.

* Industrial and Automotive Power Supplies

* Telecom Power Supplies

* Distributed Power Systems

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