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The LTC4211 is a Hot Swap controller that allows a board to be safely inserted and removed from a live backplane. An internal highside switch driver controls the gate of an external N-channel MOSFET for supply voltages ranging from 2.5V to 16.5V. The LTC4211 provides soft-start and in rush current limiting during the start-up period which has a programmable duration.

Two on-chip current limit comparators provide dual level overcurrent circuit breaker protection. The slow comparator trips at VCC – 50mV and activates in 20µs (or programmed by an external filter capacitor, MS only). The fast comparator trips at VCC – 150mV and typically responds in 300ns.

The FB pin monitors the output supply voltage and signals the RESET output pin. The ON pin signal turns the chip on and off and can also be used for the reset function. The MS package has FAULT and FILTER pins to provide additional functions like fault indication, autoretry or latch-off modes, programmable current limit response time and programmable overvoltage protection using an external Zener diode clamp.

* Electronic Circuit Breaker

* Hot Board Insertion and Removal (Either On Backplane or On Removable Card)

* Industrial High Side Switch/Circuit Breaker

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