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The LTC4213 is an Electronic Circuit Breaker. An overcurrent circuit breaker senses the voltage across the drain and source terminals of an external N-channel MOSFET with no need for a sense resistor. The advantages are a lower cost and reduced voltage and power loss in the switch path. An internal high-side driver controls the external MOSFET gate.

Two integrated comparators provide dual level overcurrent protection over the bias supply to ground common mode range. The slow comparator has 16µs response while the fast comparator trips in 1µs. The circuit breaker has three selectable trip thresholds: 25mV, 50mV and 100mV. An ON pin controls the ON/OFF and resets circuit breaker faults. READY signals the MOSFET is conducting and the circuit breaker is armed. The LTC4213 operates from VCC = 2.3V to 6V.

* Electronic Circuit Breaker

* High-Side Switch

* Hot Board Insertion

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