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The LTC4303 hot swappable 2-wire Bus Buffer allows I/O card insertion into a live backplane without corruption of the data and clock busses. When a connection is made, the LTC4303 provides bidirectional buffering, keeping the backplane and card capacitances isolated. If SDAOUT or SCLOUT is low for ≥ 30ms (typ), the LTC4303 automatically breaks the data and clock bus connection. At this time the LTC4303 automatically generates up to 16 clock pulses on SCLOUT in an attempt to free the bus. A connection will be enabled automatically when the bus becomes free.

Rise-time accelerator circuitry allows the use of larger pull-up resistors while still meeting rise-time requirements. During insertion, the SDA and SCL lines are precharged to 1V to minimize bus disturbances. When driven high, ENABLE allows the LTC4303 to connect after a stop bit or bus idle occurs. Driving ENABLE low breaks the connection between SDAIN and SDAOUT, SCLIN and SCLOUT. READY is an open drain output that indicates when the backplane and card sides are connected together.

* Hot Board Insertion

* Servers

* Capacitance Buffer/Bus Extender

* RAID Systems

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