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The LTC4556 provides all necessary power control, level translation and supervisory functions for a smart card or S.A.M. card interface. The part contains a low noise charge pump plus LDO for generating VCC power, as well as all necessary level shifting circuitry.

The card voltage can be set to either 1.8V, 3V or 5V. The LTC4556 includes a card detection channel with automatic debounce circuitry. To reduce wiring costs, the LTC4556 interfaces to a microcontroller via a simple 4‑wire serial interface. Multiple devices may be connected in daisy-chain fashion so that the number of wires to the card socket board is independent of the number of sockets. Status data is returned over the same interface.

Extensive security features ensure proper deactivation sequencing in the event of a supply fault or a smart card electrical fault. The smart card pins can withstand greater than 10kV ESD in-situ with no additional components. The LTC4556 is available in a small, low profile (0.75mm), 4mm × 4mm QFN package.

* Handheld Payment Terminals

* Pay Telephones

* ATM Machines

* POS Terminals

* Computer Keyboards

* Multiple S.A.M. Sockets

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