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LTC5533 RSS Sample
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The LTC5533 is a dual channel RF power detector for RF applications operating in the 300MHz to 11GHz range. Two independent temperature compensated Schottky diode peak detectors and buffer amplifiers are combined in a small 4mm × 3mm DFN package.

The RF input voltage is peak detected using on-chip Schottky diodes. The detected voltage is buffered and supplied to the VOUT pins. A power saving shutdown mode reduces current to less than 2µA/channel. The initial output starting voltages can be precisely adjusted using the VOS pins.

The LTC5533 operates with input power levels from -32dBm to 12dBm.

*Higher frequency operation is achievable with reduced performance. Consult factory for more information.

* PA Forward and Reverse Power Monitor

* Dual PA Transmit Power Control

* 802.11a, b, g, 802.15, WiMAX

* PA Linearization

* Fixed Wireless Access

* RF Power Alarm

* Envelope Detector

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