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The LTC5535 is an RF power detector for RF applications operating in the 600MHz to 7GHz range. A temperature compensated Schottky diode peak detector and output amplifier are combined in a small ThinSOTTM package. The supply voltage range is optimized for operation from a single cell lithium-ion or three cell NiMH battery.

The RF input voltage is peak detected using an on-chip Schottky diode. The detected voltage is buffered and supplied to the VOUT pin.

The LTC5535 output amplifier gain is set via external resistors. The initial starting voltage of 200mV can be precisely adjusted using the VOS pin.

The LTC5535 operates with input power levels from –32dBm to 10dBm. The 12MHz baseband bandwidth is much higher than that of previous Schottky detector products.

* 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.15, 802.16

* Multimode Mobile Phone Products

* Optical Data Links

* Wireless Data Modems

* Wireless and Cable Infrastructure

* RF Power Alarm

* Envelope Detector

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