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The LTC6103 is a versatile, high voltage, high side, dual current sense amplifier. The two internal amplifiers are independent except that they share the same V– terminal. Design flexibility is provided by the excellent device characteristics: 450µV maximum offset, and only 275µA of current consumption (typical at 12V) for each amplifier. The LTC6103 operates on supplies from 4V to 60V.

The LTC6103 monitors current via the voltage across an external sense resistor (shunt resistor). Internal circuitry converts input voltage to output current, allowing for a small sense signal on a high common mode voltage to be translated into a ground referenced signal. Low DC offset allows the use of a small shunt resistor and large gain-setting resistors. As a result, power loss in the shunt is minimal.

The wide operating supply range and high accuracy make the LTC6103 ideal for an extensive variety of applications from automotive to industrial and power management. The fast response makes the LTC6103 the perfect choice for load current warnings and shutoff protection control. With very low supply current, the LTC6103 is suitable for power sensitive applications.

The LTC6103 is available in an 8-lead MSOP package.

* Current Shunt Measurement

* Battery Monitoring

* Remote Sensing

* Power Management

* High Voltage Level Translator

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