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The LTC6244 is a dual high speed, unity-gain stable CMOS op amp that features a 50MHz gain bandwidth, 40V/μs slew rate, 1pA of input bias current, low input capacitance and rail-to-rail output swing. The 0.1Hz to 10Hz noise is just 1.5μVP-P and 1kHz noise is guaranteed to be less than 12nV/√Hz. This excellent AC and noise performance is combined with wide supply range operation, a maximum offset voltage of just 100μV and drift of only 2.5μV/°C, making it suitable for use in many fast signal processing applications, such as photodiode amplifiers.

This op amp has an output stage that swings within 35mV of either supply rail to maximize the signal dynamic range in low supply applications. The input common mode range extends to the negative supply. It is fully specified on 3V and 5V, and an HV version guarantees operation on supplies of ±5V.

The LTC6244 is available in the 8-pin MSOP, and for compact designs, it is packaged in the tiny dual fine pitch lead free (DFN) package.

* Photodiode Amplifiers

* Charge Coupled Amplifiers

* Low Noise Signal Processing

* Active Filters

* Medical Instrumentation

* High Impedance Transducer Amplifier

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