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The LTC7541A is a 12-bit resolution multiplying digital-to-analog converter (DAC).

Laser-trimmed thin-film resistors provide excellent absolute accuracy. Precision matched resistors and CMOS circuitry result in remarkable stability with temperature and supply variations.

The LTC7541A is a superior pin compatible replacement for the industry standard AD7541A/AD7541. Improvements include better accuracy and stability and reduced sensitivity to output amplifier offset. The LTC7541A is also very resistant to latch-up.

In addition to 2-quadrant and 4-quadrant multiplying configurations, the LTC7541A performs well in digitally programmable gain and noninverting voltage output applications. Low cost, improved performance and versatility make the LTC7541A the best choice for many new designs and for upgrading existing systems. Parts are available in 18-pin PDIP and 18-pin SO Wide packages.

* Motion Control Systems

* Microprocessor-Controlled Calibration

* Automatic Test Equipment

* Programmable Gain Amplifiers

* Digitally Controlled Filters

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