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The LT1207 is a dual version of the LT1206 high speed current feedback amplifier. Like the LT1206, each CFA in the dual has excellent video characteristics: 60MHz bandwidth, 250mA minimum output drive current, 400V/µs minimum slew rate, low differential gain (0.02% typ) and low differential phase (0.17° typ). The LT1207 includes a pin for an optional compensation network which stabilizes the amplifier for heavy capacitive loads. Both amplifiers have thermal and current limit circuits which protect against fault conditions. These capabilities make the LT1207 well suited for driving difficult loads such as cables in video or digital communication systems.

Operation is fully specified from ±5V to ±15V supplies. Supply current is typically 20mA per amplifier. Two micropower shutdown controls place each amplifier in a high impedance low current mode, dropping supply current to 200µA per amplifier. For reduced bandwidth applications, supply current can be lowered by adding a resistor in series with the Shutdown pin.

The LT1207 is manufactured on a complementary bipolar process and is available in a low thermal resistance 16-lead SO package.

* ADSL/HDSL Drivers

* Video Amplifiers

* Cable Drivers

* RGB Amplifiers

* Test Equipment Amplifiers

* Buffers

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