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The HA-5002 is a monolithic, wideband, high slew rate, high output current, buffer amplifier.

Utilizing the advantages of the Intersil D.I. technologies, the HA-5002 current buffer offers 1300V/μs slew rate with 110MHz of bandwidth. The ±200mA output current capability is enhanced by a 3Ω output impedance.

The monolithic HA-5002 will replace the hybrid LH0002 with corresponding performance increases. These characteristics range from the 3000kΩ input impedance to the increased output voltage swing. Monolithic design technologies have allowed a more precise buffer to be developed with more than an order of magnitude smaller gain error.

The HA-5002 will provide many present hybrid users with a higher degree of reliability and at the same time increase overall circuit performance.

For the military grade product, refer to the HA-5002/883 datasheet.

* Voltage gain: 0.995 * High input impedance: 3000kΩ * Low output impedance: 3Ω * Very high slew rate: 1300V/μs * Very wide bandwidth: 110MHz * High output current: ±200mA * Pulsed output current: 400mA * Monolithic construction * Pb-Free available (RoHS Compliant)

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