TLV320AIC26 - Low-Power Mono ADC / Stereo DAC with HP/Speaker Amplifier and 12-bit measurement ADC

Texas Instruments

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The TLV320AIC26 is a high-performance audio codec with 16/20/24/32-bit 97-dBA stereo playback, mono record functionality at up to 48 ksps. A microphone input includes built-in preamp and hardware automatic gain control, with single-ended or fully-differential input capability.

The audio output drivers on the ’AIC26 are highly flexible, having software-programmable low or high-power drive modes to optimize system power dissipation. The outputs can be configured to supply up to 325 mW into a bridge terminated 8- headphone amplifiers in ac-coupled or capless output configurations, and can supply a stereo line-level output.

A programmable digital audio effects processor enables bass, treble, midrange, or equalization playback processing. The digital audio data format is programmable to work with popular audio standard protocols (I²S, DSP, Left/Right Justified) in master or slave mode, and also includes an on-chip programmable PLL for flexible clock generation capability. Highly configurable software power control is provided, enabling stereo audio playback at 48 ksps at 11 mW with a 3.3-V analog supply level.

The ’AIC26 offers a 12-bit measurement ADC and internal reference voltage, as well as two battery measurement inputs capable of reading battery voltages up to 6 V, while operating at an analog supply as low as 2.7 V. It includes an on-chip temperature sensor capable of reading 0.3°C resolution. The ’AIC26 is available in a 32 lead QFN.

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