TPS51312 - 3.1V to 5.5V Input, DCAP2 Mode, 3A, 900KHz Integrated Step-Down Converter

Texas Instruments

The TPS51312 is a high-efficiency, synchronous, step-down DC/DC converter. It supports 3-A (maximum) of dc output current at output voltages from 0.6 V to 3.3 V. The D-CAP2 mode adaptive on-time control allows a small footprint when designed using all ceramic output capacitors and offers a low external component count. The device also features auto-skip function at light load condition, pre-biased start-up and internally fixed soft-start time. When the device is disabled, the output capacitor is discharged through internal resistor.

The TPS51312 is available in a 3 mm x 3 mm, 10-pin DRC package (Green RoHS compliant and Pb free) and is specified between –40°C and 85°C.

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