TPS61197 - Single-String WLED Driver for LCD TV

Texas Instruments

TPS61197 - Single-String WLED Driver for LCD TV RSS Sample
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The TPS61197 provides highly integrated solutions for LCD TV backlighting. This device isa current-mode boost controller driving one WLED string with multiple LEDs in series. The TPS61197adjusts the output voltage of the boost controller automatically to provide only the minimumvoltage required by the LED string to generate the setting LED current, thereby optimizing theefficiency of the driver.

The device supports direct PWM brightness dimming method. During the pulse-widthmodulation (PWM) dimming, the white LED current is turned on and off at the duty cycle andfrequency, which are determined by an external PWM signal. The PWM dimming frequency ranges from 90Hz to 22 kHz.

The TPS61197 integrates overcurrent protection, output short-circuit protection, Schottkydiode open and short protection, LED open protection, LED-string short protection, andovertemperature shutdown circuit. The device also provides programmable input undervoltage lockout(UVLO) threshold and output overvoltage protection (OVP) threshold. The device is available in a16-pin SOIC package, which is ideal for a single-layer PCB board.

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