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The AD827 is a dual version of Analog Device's industry-standard AD847 op amp. Like the AD847, it provides high speed, low power performance at low cost. The AD827 achieves a 300 V/µs slew rate and 50 MHz unity-gain bandwidth while consuming only 100 mW when operating from ±5 volt power supplies. Performance is specified for operation using ±5 V to ±15 V power supplies.

The AD827 offers an open-loop gain of 3,500 V/V into 500 Ohm loads. It also features a low input voltage noise of 15 nV/(root)Hz, and a low input offset voltage of 2 mV maximum. Common-mode rejection ratio is a minimum of 80 dB. Power supply rejection ratio is maintained at better than 20 dB with input frequencies as high as 1 MHz, thus minimizing noise feedthrough from switching power supplies.

The AD827 is also ideal for use in demanding video applications, driving coaxial cables with less than 0.04% differential gain and 0.19° differential phase errors for 643 mV p-p into a 75 Ohm reverse terminated cable.

The AD827 is also useful in multichannel, high speed data conversion systems where its fast (120 ns to 0.1%) settling time is of importance. In such applications, the AD827 serves as an input buffer for 8-bit to 10-bit A/D converters and as an output amplifier for high speed D/A converters.

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